I Am Coming Quickly • Revelation 22:20

In the book of Revelation there are still parts I don’t understand but there are some sections that I’m understanding a little better. There’s this beautiful contrast I saw for the first time, In chapter six the kings and commanders of the earth are trying to hide from the “wrath of the Lamb”, while in chapter seven the multitude of nations is worshiping because of the salvation of the Lamb. The last thing Jesus says in the whole bible is, “Yes, I am coming quickly.” Imagine if the last thing that someone texted you before their phone ran out of battery was, “I’m almost there to pick you up, a few blocks away, be ready.” You’d be pacing back and forth, phone in hand, constantly checking for any updates, maybe even waiting outside already. Are you waiting with focus and expectation? When He comes may He find us ready to go.

-Joey Alcala, Assistant Pastor