Conquer the Land You Have • Joshua 17:14-18

The aging commander of the military forces of the nation of Israel was empowering the tribes to conquer the land God had given to them. As Joshua reminded the people that there was still much more land to conquer, the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim came to him to complain because they thought their portion was too small. Joshua reminded them that they had been given quite a bit of territory; they had just neglected to conquer it all. Instead of being faithful and diligent with what they had been given, they were wanted to be entrusted with more, with an easier stewardship. Joshua reminded them that they had power in God to be faithful with what they had been entrusted. We can expect God to bring us out into spacious places if we trust Him to give us victory over the challenges of our lives. He will help us to obey him.

-Chris Rodriguez, Assistant Pastor