God Loves You, Mom! • Proverbs 23:22, 25

Do not despise your mother, and let your mother be glad and rejoice. Does this describe our attitudes toward our mothers? The Bible tells us mothers are to be honored and not despised. Mom won’t always be around, so while we still can, let’s live like Jesus. Honor her. Love her. Take care of her. Call her. Talk to her. Appreciate her. If you haven’t reached out to your mom recently, reach out to her and affirm your love. If this is a difficult time, because you are a mom and are missing your child, allow God’s love for you to fill your heart. Don’t stop praying for them. Just like Jesus at the cross before his last breath was concerned for the well being of His mom, Jesus is aware of you and attentive to your well being. God loves you, Mom!

-Adrian Caballero Assistant Pastor