Priestly Garments • Exodus 28

Reading through Exodus 28, I remember the old expression that says, God is in the details. God spares no detail in describing what He expects from every element involved in worship of the Tabernacle. Even the garments of the High Priest are carefully chosen by the Lord. Their shoulder piece, their breastplate, and their turban are particularly interesting. Their shoulder piece and breastplate had the names of the tribes of Israel on them. This little feature reminded them of both the burden of their responsibility and depth of their care for the nation they represented before God. Their turban had on it a golden plate with the words “HOLINESS TO THE LORD” on it. So with a responsibility for God’s people on their shoulders, a love for them in their hearts and God’s holiness on their minds; they stood before God and man and worshiped. We would do well to come into God’s presence with much the same spirit.

Christopher Rodriguez, Assistant Pastor