Responsibility and Freedom • Romans 14:17-18

The liberty and freedom we enjoy as Christians is so sweet that our flesh can easily tempt us to idolize the things we enjoy at the expense of our relationship with God and others. God gives us freedom like He gives us money; it’s a tool to disciple us with. On its own, money is a good thing, but if we abandon God or the people He cares about in order to preserve or accumulate money, then it has served to expose a spiritual immaturity in our lives that we need to allow God to strengthen us in. Someone who has a healthy perspective of their Christian freedoms should always have the strength in the Holy Spirit to willingly deny himself those freedoms for the sake of the God who gave them to him. As he continues to serve the Lord, he will experience more godliness, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit in his service.

Chris Rodriguez, Assistant Pastor