Where Is Your Treasure? • Matthew 6:21

The heart is symbolic for the center of who we are, the seat of our thoughts, passions, and desires. Some people are willing to wait in line for 24 hours for a new smart phone, or leave Thanksgiving dinner early to be the first at the Black Friday sale. Sadly, some people’s treasure is sin; they give in to addictions that are ruining their lives, but they can’t help it, because their heart is just going after the thing they treasure the most. So how do we change this? We need to change where our treasure is. We need to change what we value and prioritize. Create disciplines in your life and set up boundaries that will keep you away from besetting sins. There are seven days in a week and “someday” isn’t one of them. May God help us today to truly lay up for ourselves treasure in heaven, and then our heart will follow.

– Joey Alcala, Assistant Pastor