Jesus Anticipated Him • Matthew 17:15

Anticipation, as it is used in Matthew 17:25, means “to come before, to anticipate, to prevent.” I take great comfort in this. Nothing would or could stop Jesus from being faithful to God’s will and work in the lives of the people around Him. That needful, spiritual work that Jesus intended to perform in Peter was not held back by any lack of communication from Peter. There’s a lot of things that can hold us back from speaking– shame, fear, bad timing, embarrassment that we don’t know better, concern that we got ourselves into this mess because of our own misspoken words or ill advised decisions –but nothing will hold Jesus back from lovingly caring for our needs and nurturing our spiritual growth. Jesus will not be deprived in any way of ministering to His servants. Jesus knows what’s in our hearts, before we even speak of it.

Chris Rodriguez, Assistant Pastor