Removing Landmarks • Hosea 5:10-11

In Hosea 5:10-11, God declares that His people were like those who remove landmarks and thus, their judgment was broken. We use landmarks today to aid in directions. They are standards by which we can situate ourselves and distinguish our location. In those days, they were also used to demarcate property boundaries. This analogy was assigned to them because of how readily they dismissed godly, moral standards and definitions of right and wrong that were entrusted to them. A biblical worldview was the most valuable legacy they received, and in disparaging it, in counting it worthless, they had tossed aside that which was intended to situate, to direct and to protect them from the abuses of this fallen world. Don’t trade godly counsel for human precept. This cheap trade off will always leave you lost, vulnerable, and abused.

Christopher Rodriguez, Ministry Assistant