Jesus Won! • Job 19:25

Resurrection celebration is one of my favorite times. There is something so energizing, so life giving, in knowing that not only did the good guy (Jesus) win at the end of it all, but any bad guy (sinners) can be forgiven if repentance takes place and full surrender to Jesus Christ happens! The God-man, Jesus won it all. The needed payment for sin was made and the outstanding debt was satisfied. Jesus paid the outstanding debt for the sins of the world on the cross!  That means the debt of sin was paid in full (yes, even my own). Like the saying goes, “I owed a debt I couldn’t pay; Jesus paid the debt He didn’t owe!” Now in Christ through repentance from sin and surrender to Christ the Lord, anyone can have a new life in a true & real relationship with God our Heavenly Father. Jesus said it: You will have life and have it to the full.

Razz Vazquez, Senior Pastor