Every Word Fulfilled • Jer. 52:10

There are two seemingly contradictory prophecies that teach us just how literally God’s Word is to be interpreted. In Jeremiah 34:3-5, God tells King Zedekiah that due to his rebellion, his eyes shall behold King Nebuchadnezzar, and he shall be carried away captive to Babylon and die of natural causes. Yet Ezekiel (12:12-13) says King Zedekiah would be taken to Babylon but not see it. So one prophecy says he would see Babylon’s king, but another says he wouldn’t see Babylon itself. In a remarkably specific fulfillment of every word, Zedekiah was taken to Riblah where King Nebuchadnezzar was stationed, his eyes were put out, and then he was taken to Babylon. He died there never to see it with his own eyes. God is committed to fulfill every word spoken; both blessings and judgments are promises He makes to us. Every word He’s spoken will come to pass.
Chris Rodriguez, Singles’ Pastor