Well Done Good &Faithful Servant • Matthew 25:23

Semper Fidelis. Do you know the Marine Corps motto? It’s Latin for “always faithful.” As noble as that aim is, it’s hard to live up to. The Bible says that even if we are faithless he remains faithful. (2 Timothy 2:3). The idea of faithfulness is linked to the ideas of loyalty, devotion, and fidelity. These are deep words, rich in meaning, but what do they mean to you? The point is this: The commendation that the master gives his servant in Matthew 25:23 has more to do with their relationship than the servant’s capability or task list. Will Jesus find you faithful? If so, it’s not because you’re doing everything on the list, but because you’re loyal, because you’re devoted. If you read Exodus 21, you’ll see that there was only one reason for a bond-servant to continue with his master after being offered his freedom: Love.
Joey Alcala, Ministry Assistant