Calvary Chapel Caneille- Haiti | Update

“… and the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved.” Acts 2:47

Work continues in the church, physically and spiritually. The church is now painted inside and has a ceramic floor.  People are sharing how much God loves them to provide such a beautiful temple to worship.  To God be the glory for all He has done and continues to do! The next step is installing windows.  With the rainy season upon us, rain enters the windows and water sits on the floor and the benches. Please pray with us for this need to be met.

During the summer months, the youth are evangelizing. Every Tuesday over thirty youth go out singing and walk miles to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Those who are already saved receive prayer. After three weeks of sharing the gospel, God has added 27 souls to the kingdom! While visiting a family of eight, one child was not at home.  The father insisted the child return before they prayed as he wanted the decision for Christ to be a family decision.  Three generations at the house accepted Christ.  In the past, two family members had been prayed for by our assistant pastor Eloge at two different times and both were healed.  God used the testimony of the healed family members to have the family open to Christ. Two came to Tuesday evening study and plan to bring the rest of the family on Sunday.

Though many are open to Christ, voodoo prevails.  This week, hundreds of people are passing by in large trucks with the voodoo flag, singing songs to Satan.  They are going to a satanic festival in the North to worship Satan.  Please pray for salvation for the many who are following Satan.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 29:6

The ministry God has given is that of bearing and raising children; bringing them to a new birth in Jesus Christ, and then growing them spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. This is done through Calvary Chapel, RCDH radio, and School of Grace. Prior to School of Grace, many children did not go to school.  Boredom and hopelessness were written on their illiterate faces.  Today expectant faces express hope for a better future.  School teaches the students all the needed classes along with weekly bible class.  The majority of students have accepted Christ. We believe this upcoming generation is the one God will use to change Haiti.

We are in need of major support in several areas of the school.  They are:

Kindergarten was added this year upon recommendation of the Head of Education.  While cities have the advantage of children attending pre-school and kindergarten, this opportunity is not available in Caneille. Because of not having any school experience, many first and second graders fail their classes.  This is because they have no experience with school. Illiterate parents do not teach them counting, colors, etc at home. Needs are cost of paying a teacher, benches for 40 students, school lunch, and other school related administrative expenses. About 40 students are registered.

Elementary School/1-6th Grade
Elementary school receives administrative support through CRDF and assistance for students through Promise Child. Promise Child is an organization whereby a child can be sponsored for $15 per month.  Uniform, shoes, books, and school lunch are supplied with these sponsorships.  Pictures and interviews of new students are now being assembled in Haiti and then will be forwarded to Promise Child.  Once received by Promise Child, the photos of the children available for sponsorship will be available for viewing on the Promise Child website.  There will be over 30 students who need sponsorships.

High School
A step of faith was taken last year in starting 7th grade, with the intention of adding an additional class every year until completion of High School.  Parents in Caneille were sending their children to Hinche, 9 miles away for 7th grade and upward.  Room and board had to be paid to the family hosting the student as well as school fees.  Not only was this expensive, but the parents no longer had control of their children.  Imagine being on your own as a 7th grader!  Many students stopped going to church, fell in with the wrong crowd, and girls got pregnant.  Bastia felt all that we poured into our youth was lost once they went to 7th grade in Hinche.  Thus, in faith, 7th grade was begun last fall.  This year, seventh and eighth grade need support.  This includes administrative costs of hiring teachers, school supplies, printing exams, etc.

Approximately 225 students from kindergarten through eighth grade will enroll in School of Grace for the 2012-2013 school year. Many classes are meeting in tents.  Wind takes down the tents, rain and mud enter, and they are hot to work in. Teachers complain about standing in the mud while they teach.  It is a very sorry sight. We really feel the need to have school at the new construction site this fall. School construction has begun and there are two classrooms mostly completed except for the roof.  There is a great need to finish more classrooms to have space and a better learning environment for all students.

Though the needs are great, we know that with God all things are possible. There are several ways to make donations and tax deductible receipts are available for anyone whose heart is touched by these needs.  Please e mail us with any questions.  Thank you for your prayers and participation in the work for the kingdom in Caneille, Haiti. Your reward is great.

PS – Please forgive us for the tardiness of this newsletter.  We had a computer glitch in the newsletter program we could not figure out.  Thanks to one of the visiting team members, it is fixed.

By His Grace,
Pastor Bastia and Betty

-Praise the Lord for providing a beautiful place to worship and for growing His church. God is so good!

-Give thanks for those being saved through Youth Evangelism!

-For many to be saved through the evangelism outreach of the youth.

-For growth and maturity in those who are saved.

-For maturity of believers and the raising up of faithful servants

-Victory over voodoo culture and beliefs.

-Hedge of protection and safety for Bastia and Betty, school, church, and radio

-For God to meet financial and physical provisions of the school; payment of teachers, school construction, etc

-For success in finding needed teachers

-For increased financial support.  As the ministry grows, the needs increase.

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